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The Benefits of Vaping!

The Benefits of Vaping

Vaping and vape in general have reached new limits of fame in the past few years. Vape has become more famous amongst the younger generation. While fame is unfathomable, there are still many people who do not have the correct information about vape itself neither the working of vaping.

In this article, we will tackle the ABCs of vape and vaping while also discussing the benefits of vape.

What is Vape?

Vape is an electronic pen or electronic cigarette which has e-liquid filled in it to vape. Vape incites tobacco smoking but has nicotine and other flavorings in the liquid instead of actual tobacco. With the use of vape, the user inhales vapor instead of smoke.

Vape is also known as a vaporizer, like a device that turns the e-liquid into vapor for the user to inhale. A vape or vaporizer has four main parts in its building; a battery, a housing or main console, a cartridge, and an atomizer.

The work of the battery is to build up power for the heater in the atomizer which then transforms the e-liquid into vapor. The cartridge holds the liquid and the main console makes sure that all parts of the vaporizer work together.

A vape pen or e-cigarette mainly have four different kinds which are:

There are pen-style mods, box style mods, disposable e-cigarettes, and mechanical mods. In all of these types, pen and box style are the most famous while disposable is also used but much rarely than mechanical. 

The Atomizer of the Vaporizer:

 We talked about the atomizer which is an incredibly important part of the whole built-up of the vaporizer. The main part of the atomizer is the coil. The function of the coil is to provide stability so the tank can assist as a delivery tool for the utilization of the vapor. 

These coils are made up of sturdy wires and a spongy type of material. These coils are incredibly important in order to transform the e-liquid in the cartridges into a vapor form so the user can inhale the vapor. 

These coils are generally present in the cartridge or the tank of the vaporizer, which are included in the electronic cigarettes. There are also different types of absorbent wicks present in the whole built-up. The wires and wicks are the two main pieces of a coil. Kanthal is the most commonly used wire in the vaporizers. They are surrounded by a spongy material which is generally the cotton piece and is stored in synthetic foam or fiberglass

These coils should be changed from time to time, as soon as the taste of the flavorings turns into a more burnt like. The durability of a coil usually lasts about two weeks or can be less if the e-liquid gets stuck around the resistance coil very easily. 

The user can easily clean their resistance coils as well with the help of hot water to get the clogged flavoring out. If the coil has black or burnt residue than it is much better to change it rather than just clean. it.

To make sure that your coil is working perfectly, usually, the mods have a display unit that shows the status of the pieces of the vaporizer. The resistance value, which is shown in Ohms, check that value. The value should be near the value that is mentioned on the coils user's manual. If you do not have the manual or have lost it somewhere, the value is usually engraved on itself so you can check that way too.

The resistance coil of the vaporizer always has a spongy or absorbent material that will absorb the extra e-liquid. When the user is thinking about changing the resistor, make sure the resistor is dried and all the spare e-liquid is absorbed by the material present. Pour the vape juice on the absorbent material that is equipped with the new resistor coil and wait around for 4 - 5 minutes. Another way to start the circulation of the e-liquid is by the drip it, drop it in the mouthpiece, and lightly blow on it without turning on the mod. In the end, you also need to check the resistance. Turn the vaporizer on very low power and check if there are any problems before you start utilizing your electronic cigarette.

What is Vaping?

Vaping means to inhale the vapor which is produced by the e-cigarette. The vapor is generally produced from e-liquid which is the mixture of nicotine (optional), herbs, and concentrated flavorings or dry herbs, and so on. 


E-liquid, electronic liquid, vape juice, e-juice and so much more. These are the names of all the same kind of thing. It is overly famous that companies hide the ingredients of vaping liquid which is in fact, not true at all. E-liquid has four main ingredients and one optional.

Vegetable Glycerin: This is a clear and transparent, odorless liquid which comes from plants like palm oil and coconut oil. This liquid is more sweet-tasting. This liquid is used in foods, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics alike. 

Propylene Glycol: This liquid is also transparent and odorless. In texture, it is very syrupy and is used to absorb extra water in the vaping. 

Flavoring Liquids: These liquids are both organic and artificial and are used in the vape liquid to give it a taste and flavor of a certain fruit or anything in general. These flavor liquids are nothing harmful and are just like food flavor additives. These flavorings are also FDA approved. 

Nicotine (Optional): Nicotine is a substance that is often used in pharmaceuticals treatments. This ingredient is optional and can be controlled in vaping. 

Many people say that while it can be true that vaping is less harmful than traditional smoke, it doesn’t have any advantages of its own and can still cause harm.

There are a significant number of benefits to vaping which are as follows:

Benefits of Vaping:

Many people, as they do not hold proper knowledge of vaping and vaporizers and the e-liquid may think that vaping is extremely harmful. But vaping has its benefits and we are going to exactly discuss that in the next of the article. But before we go to that, always purchase your vape and vaping materials and e-liquid from trusted sources such as StrikeUSA.

 Vaping Causes Less Damage:

Vaping is, whether we agree on it or not, less harmful to our wellbeing than a traditional cigarette. While the e-liquid is made with different flavors and a variety of synthetic solutions, none of these are incredibly harmful if taken cautiously. On the other hand, an original traditional cigarette has over 6,000 artificial mixtures, most of which are extremely hazardous to health. Vaping is about 95% safer than a cigarette. While many people think that vape is more hazardous to health, just a single component of cigarette which is tobacco can cause these impacts: 

  • Appalling breath
  • Discombobulation
  • Sickness
  • The expanded danger of mind harm and stroke
  • Mouth infections
  • Stomach ulcer

No Smoke Inhalation: 

One of the most beneficial things about vaping is that the user does not inhale any hint of smoke. Vaporizers produce vapor instead of producing smoke which is very harmful to the lungs and other various organs of our body. Tobacco is one ingredient in cigarettes that can cause one too many diseases to human beings, including cancer when it is ignited. The smoke from a cigarette is very dangerous. This is why vaping is more beneficial than smoking since not much harm is caused to the user. 

No Smoky Smell: 

The most terrible bit of smoking and smokers are the nauseating smell. When a person smokes, the people surrounding that one person also suffers but on the contrary, vaping gives a pleasant smell because of the flavorings in the e-liquid. While it doesn't give a bad smell to the user, it also does not affect the people surrounding the user of the vaporizer since it is just vapor that is produced and not smokes. 

Easier on the Lungs:

When a person smokes a traditional cigarette, the heat of the cigarette causes the smoke to turn more dangerous for the lungs, while in the vaping, the effects on the lungs are not there at all. Firstly, because no smoke is inhaled and secondly because a vaporizer does not produce a lot of heat. The vapor is more on the cooler side of the temperature. 

The breathing routes and lungs are caused great harm in smoking while this does not happen in vaping. The harm is doubled if the person smokes constantly since the breathing routes are expanded in size because of the constant heat and this allows more smoke to enter the lungs. There is a cell in our lungs whose purpose is to get rid of the extra fluid in our lungs, smoking causes that fluid to be produced in a larger amount, thus the cells cannot remove enough fluid on time. This is why most smokers have common symptoms of whooping cough. 

Smoking also makes your lungs grow old way faster and they decrease the resistance and fighting endurance against any diseases. Vaping is easier on the lungs and does not cause anything to go out of order. 

Control over nicotine consumption: 

Vaping provides the user with complete control over the intake of nicotine. There are many available vaping liquids in the market which do not have any nicotine in them. There is nicotine leveled e-juice in the markets, where there are zero levels to high-quality filled nicotine vape liquid as well. You can choose the levels of nicotine all on your own. Many users of vape start vaping in high-level nicotine filled liquids and then bring it down to zero. Since many users utilize vaping as a tool to break the habit of smoking, this advantage is very beneficial to them and can be worked with really easily. 

Vape Is Socially Accepted:

Another benefit of vaping is that vaping is socially acceptable by more than 70% of the population. While there are main rules about smoking and where to and where to not smoke, there are rarely any rules like this about vaping. One can vape inside a house without making the others feel uncomfortable. 

This is because people are starting to get more aware of the fact that vaping is very very and extremely less harmful than smoking. It is also less addictive than smoking and many people are utilizing vapes for the cause of leaving their smoking habits behind which is something everyone can support and understand in a broad sense of things. 


The benefit which is most famous after the nicotine control one is that vaping is very cheap. There is about a 40% difference in the prices of cigarettes and vaporizers

For example, someone who smokes about one pack of cigarettes in a single day can save approximately two thousand dollars in a year if they leave smoking. This is something that we all can think of as beneficial. 


Another major advantage of vaping is that is offers many different and amazing kind of flavors. These flavors are from basic apple and lemon to the most exotic kind of flavors out there which can be the following:

  • Gummi Bear
  • Banana Nut Bread
  • Blue Raz Cotton Candy
  • Peach Green Tea
  • Pink Spot
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Black Mamba
  • Rip Tide
  • Frozen Lime Drop
  • Peach Pit Tobacco
  • Swagger
  • Apple Fritter
  • Bavarian Cream
  • Coconut Smoothie
  • Cold Brew Coffee

And this is not even all the different kind of flavors of vaping in the world.

Many people are getting more attentive towards vaping and utilizing vaporizers because of the many benefits it can provide. There are always risks to new things but in the end, everything is a little risky, try to take the safer side and read all the instructions if you are a beginner user and make sure to take good care of your vape kit as cleanliness is important in vaping.

September 30, 2020 — Mark Frykholm

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