WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Hyppe Max Disposable Vape Bar

$19.50 $13.50

Hyppe Max Disposable Vape Bar: 

The Hyppe Max disposable vape bar is a compact, yet very powerful disposable vapes. The main difference between the Hyppe Ultra and the Hyppe Max is puff count, we are talking 1500 puff with the Hyppe Max disposable vape bar. Will guarantee to last you through the whole day. The disposable vape has a 650mah build in battery that carries 5ml of salt nic vape juice. No maintenance, charging and refilling is required. With signature Hyppe flavors such us Lemon Soda, Lychee Soda and Grape Soda that will fizzle your worries away. A compact design that is convenience when you are on the go.

Flavor Selection:

  • Banana Ice: A rich and creamy taste of banana with a hint of mint
  • Strawberry Banana: Your favorite banana and strawberry flavor smoothie
  • Peach Ice: The juicy sweet taste of peach with a splash of menthol
  • Orange Soda: The refreshing orange soda beverage taste
  • Mighty Mint: A fresh minty cool menthol
  • Lychee Soda: A sizzling taste of exotic lychee with a blend of soda
  • Lush Ice: Sweet watermelon with a refreshing taste of menthol
  • Lemon Soda: A citrus burst of lemon mix with a splash of sweet soda
  • Grape Soda: An original flavor of grape blend with soda for a refreshing taste
  • Cola Ice: Summer classic icy chilled cola