WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Freecool Ystick Disposable Vape

$19.50 $9.50

Freecool Ystick Disposable Vape: 

The Freecool Ystick disposable vape is design and made by Smok. With Smok brand name behind a product, you are guaranteed quality! Signature flavors for the Freecool Ystick includes Lychee Ice, Watermelon Ice, and mango ice. The disposable vape has a build in 300mah battery and have a 1.4ml vape juice cartridge. Can be used for about 300 puffs per disposable. No maintenance, charging and refilling is required. A new compact disposable vape concept by Smok. Each Package comes with 3 disposable vape.

Flavor Selection:

  • Watermelon Ice: Juicy watermelon with a blast of mint
  • Purple Berry: Raspberry, Blueberry, Grape and a hint of strawberry
  • Lychee Ice: The exotic taste of Lychee with a hint of mint
  • Mango Ice: Fresh aroma of mangoes and a kick of menthol
  • Mint Ice: A sweet and refreshing flavor of Mint
  • Mango: Sweet and juicy taste of fresh mangoes
  • Mint: A spearmint minty cool
  • Tobacco: Rich and bold tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla